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Josh O - guitar/drums/piano/voice

Recorded by Nik Miller @ 2020 and 2022 Houses Middletown, OH between December 2009 - June 2010

Mastered 2012 / Re-released March 2013

Cover Photo by Chad Nicol

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released February 1, 2011



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Apology to a Couple of People
i’d waste all my tears, now I save up
i lay all my fears and i raise up
i wait for you dear, i’d wait up
but i cannot stay here, i gave up

now i blind all my sight with what i’d write felt so right
but what i did in response felt so wrong, feels so wrong
how could i wait for so long?
will i wake up? i’ll wake up
now “my blood flows harshly, my heart beats loudly”
and it says…

i’m gunna wake you up within silence, within sleep
within trying to i’m gunna wake you up
how much darker and how deep are you really willing to go?
Track Name: Little Sister
something so pure can feel so wrong
my body is the difference and i’m the only one
who controls it’s sustenance
and rejects this debate
we all lose our innocence
we all make mistakes

was it worth it? to lose a friend? to be a man? you’re innocent?
my little sister was a kid can’t be a…
Track Name: Pupils
ahh-hha / and what’s this urge that rises o’er me?
shots of images that set me free
to set alive what exists in my mind
sending waves of tears through your eyes
in a soul resists unhealthy praise
projected image of a simple mind fuck

the thrill of running light the eye can see
but creeping fog it always catches me
think about/of where my past came from
defeated anger of a fathers son
and had to suffer where a sinner bled
and less of sin but maybe shame we’re fed
just don’t let the guilt do it again

liar. how do you sleep? how do you breathe?
i am a liar.

so lord oh lord oh lord oh won’t you heal me
please send me soul to wash me make me clean
so lord oh lord oh lord i’m down my knees
and down my neck and skin oh bury me
and come again
Track Name: Jordan Says He's a Robot
when am I going to learn to move on?
and all that i am. and all that i want.
and all that i think. do i think too much?
is it just like they said do i learn to forget
with each passing day i give it away
when am i going to know when i’ve went too far
and all that i’d give for all i now know
i give too much so i let it go
now it’s all in my head. its no ones fault.
what lies in my heart. i let it burn just to burn
cause i’ve tried and i try but still i burn with desire.. forgive
Track Name: Swell Guys / Hot Knives
(never did get around to recording those vocals, hmm)

close my eyes cause I don’t need them anymore
unearth my heart cause it can’t breathe anymore
crush my luck cause i don’t believe it anymore
crush my love
what was left was a bet
and everybody else was in on it
what we had had been dead
seems i just got my chance in killing it
what a waste what a shame
that now there’s no one else that i can blame
but myself and what i did
don’t run. cause i burn.
Track Name: Mulharva
took a bus to the west coast
and moved out of sight
there seemed more hope on the west coast
much more than i desired
such empty possibilities such open air
my roots grew out of wastelands
and wasteland will follow me here
when will we clean up our wreckage
and not let new ones appear
cause i tell you great things come
from facing these fears
mulharva calm means
there exist no words to describe how i feel
when everything you know and love leaves you for
quote un-quote something real
so your fashion and your fame
your romance it’s all the same
you are empty bodies with empty traits
i am empty opinions with an empty hate
mulharva calm means i will overcome this disease
return to this quiet and empty place
i imagine dead choirs and it lights my face
that someone looked over the forgotten
but unearthed their remains
and if you listen to this town closer and closer
you can still hear their refrain of pain
"they sigh, they spit"
Track Name: Run-On Sentences
i’m moving places I can’t seem to escape
maybe this feeling settles deep in my lungs
i’ve tried to smoke ‘em out it gives me reason
something is different not like when i was a child
back then i had a way to shake things off
in run-on sentences, jarred punctuation
i’m losing structure i can’t seem to compete
i keep a smile keep a face put it on
i’m gunna love you in the midnight emotions
i’m gunna love you in the midday heartache
kicking and screaming at the top of my lungs
this silent killing of a man over reason

i keep repeating i can’t seem to complete
what self-destruction fates no wait i’m on my own
out of the graveyard raise up to enter my home i’m gone

o great world we are
Track Name: Head, Hell and Heart
ahh-hha / one kiss / ugly / sets forth / downfall / a nation
choices made may reflect upon the overall outcome
and I’ll slit you through / once one becomes two
they’re straight chasing for a goal of one win
and the outcry of applause sings “can we come too”
how dark are we willing to go?
is there anything left I need to know?
is it worth what I think I’m gunna find?
is it cruel as the shit within my mind?
he sings, she sings, together they sang, i’ll slit your heart.
i’ll slit you through. i’ll split you in two.
i’ll sell your heart. i’ll tear it apart.
And hell screams, it is your choice.
Track Name: Silent Night - informal
silent night i’ve lost my sight innocent and blind
silent night i closed my eyes
enter in delight or lay in piece paralyzed
o silent night
Track Name: Failure
i want out of these transgressions
i haven’t done anything wrong i did it
what i’ve done is simply a reflection
of the direction things have been heading clearly
and i want out, he screams
and i want out, she begs and pleads
what i was doing was meant as a rejection
of the stench around me
but what i’ve done became the destruction
of the things i once held so dearly
cause when you’re alone
your mind plays some
but only when you’re alone
do you ever learn to deal with it
so you can strum your blues away
like you did fifteen songs before you did it
or you can proclaim yourself changed
and hang the man you’ve become forever hated
cause it ain’t me
Track Name: Let's Not Be Wreckless, but Seriously
(..or let’s not and say we are)

i’ve got a new way to walk
that doesn’t revolve around two
i’ve got a new way to stop.
the effects of events by just what i choose
i’ve got a new chain around my neck
and it’s a constant, a threat of death
i’ve got to move on to expect
the worst has come will come
and i never receive anything less

i once written stories on my own
now they won’t do me good anymore
and i tried so hard to let go of these things i hold
we’ll rewrite our stories to fit a mold
one will be my family’s, one will be my own
lord, just tell me which way should i go

i’ve got a new way to waltz
that doesn’t fall when i’m blue
i’ve found a new place to call home
and the fresh paint stroked walls of my room
i’ve got a new truth to hold
where words alone just won’t do
i’ve found a new place i won’t go
where it breeds dark dark mercies i now know and i celebrate.

recorded by dustin smith / schiff ave / cincy, oh (5.09)